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How To: Get Backup of all Assembly (GAC)

July 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently, I was doing some task. And I wanted to take backup of assembly of my project from “C:\Windows\assembly”.

So I started search on net. And I got to know that one can do it by Command Prompt with bunch of code for each DLL.

But, my requirement is to get more than 20 DLLs.

So I was preparing batch script which can take all the dll backup for this.

but at the time of searching I got one command of Command Prompt which gives me Total solution in single line.

And that was:

subst <drivename> %windir%\assembly

My Example :

subst z: %windir%\assembly

Then, I got “z:” as virtual drive where I can find all dll and I can do backup just with copy/paste.


Enjoy Coding !!!

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